Laser Engraving

Similar to CNC Routing, laser engraving allows us to mark a wood surface with extreme precision. Typically with routing we cut hrough the wood completely. Laser engraving is the modern day equivalent of etching wood with a hammer and chisel.

The type of material being engraved, and the power level of the laser determine the maximum engraving depth and speed of engraving. Usually shallow engraving is faster than deep engraving. High density materials take longer to engrave than less dense materials.

Typical laser engraving projects include signs, plaques, and awards.

Our Made in the USA, 50 Watt Epilog Laser has a 12 Inch x 24 Inch work area, but the capacity can be expanded with the unique opening front door panel. A wide variety of material can be cut and engraved on the laser including wood, plastic, cloth, and paper products. Engraving on cylindrical objects is crafted with our Rotary Indexer. Pictures laser engraved from a photograph or digital image make a wonderful gift.

Creativity is limitless using our powerful design software!