About Chmura Custom Woodwoorks

You Might Say It's in Our Genes!

4 Generations of Chmura Custom Woodworks, combining
modern machinery and quality craftsmanship

The Chmura family has a legacy of woodworkers and skilled craftsmen that dates back to Bryan's Great Grandfather. He built houses on Cleveland's west side in the 1920's and 30's many of which are still standing.

As a child, Rick always enjoyed going “up the garage” to the family woodshop on West 14th Street in Cleveland to make whatever he could out of the scrap wood, learning at a very early age how to safely operate power tools. As he grew up, he always enjoyed crafting things and building whatever he could in his modest garage woodworking shop.

Bryan was always the creative one. From the time he graduated from The Art Institute in Pittsburgh, he began designing and building cabinets, furniture and accessories for his friends and family, always envisioning the day when he could start his own business doing what he enjoyed most. His vision was realized in April 2009, when Rick and Bryan officially started Custom Complete, LLC. Chmura Custom Woodworks is just the first of what will be a family of companies providing custom services and products to residential, commercial, and retail clients.

Meet the Team

Rick Chmura

Rick has extensive hands-on and management experience in Quality Assurance and Continuous Improvement. He is a certified Lean Expert and Six Sigma Black Belt. Rick has also been certified by the American Society for Quality as a Quality Manager and a Quality Auditor.

Bryan Chmura

Bryan is a lifelong resident of the Cleveland area, born in Brook Park, Ohio, and graduating from Berea High School in 1993. Bryan's strong passion for industrial design led him to the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. He graduated with honors in 1995 with an AAS in industrial design.

Beth Chmura

Beth (Bryan’s mom and Rick’s wife) is an integral part of the daily operation of Chmura Custom Woodworks. She operates both the Laser and the CNC Router as well as doing much of the manual work like sanding, drilling, packaging and lending a hand with the bookkeepin

Our Mission