CNC Routing

Chmura Custom Woodworks produced a headboard featuring a design with two trees blending together to form one family tree for Extreme Makeover Home Edition on ABC The “Rhodes Family” episode aired on December 16, 2011

Our Clients Include:

  • Home Owners
  • Boat Builders
  • Toy Makers
  • Consumer products manufacturers
  • Residential Lighting manufacturers
  • Commercial Laboratories
  • Tool Makers
  • Creative Artists
  • Musicians
  • Arcade machine builders

A CNC wood router is a computerized precision tool to:

  • Create two and three dimensional objects out of wood, plastic, and other soft materials
  • Engrave pictures, words, sketches, signatures (anything that can be scanned)
  • Draw with a pen

The Chmura Custom Woodworks CNC Wood Router:

  • Can cut a 60 inch x 96 inch sheet of material up to 7 inches deep
  • Has two powerful spindles for double the production output
  • Can create objects as if produced on a lathe
  • Can scan and replicate items (moldings, reverse engineering)

The benefits of a CNC Wood Router for your project: